Employment law is a complex and fast changing area of law and we aim to provide practical and clear advice to all our clients, be they businesses or employees.

If you are an employer who is seeking information regarding employment contracts, disputes in the workplace, grievance procedures, disciplinary procedures, redundancy and the full range of issues that you are faced with, we can offer you advice tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.

Perhaps you are looking to update your documentation or indeed simply wish to have a ‘health check’ of your current documentation, e.g., HR procedures and contracts of employment. If so we can help you and look forward to hearing from you.

We have experience of attending, as legal advisers, at internal disciplinary panels in order to ensure that you deal with any disciplinary in a fair and proper manner and to reduce the chance of any decisions being overturned by the Employment Tribunal. Should Tribunal proceedings appear inevitable we will do all we can to resolve matters outside of the court arena or if this is not possible will vehemently defend your position in the Tribunal.

For employees

If you have a query regarding possible unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal, discrimination, unpaid wages, bonus’ or holidays, or any other employment issue then we can discuss with you the merits of your claim and if warranted, look to help you pursue a claim in the employment tribunal.

We recognise that the pursuance of a claim is something that a lot of people wish to do without the full support of a solicitor because of the cost benefits, and we are regularly used to dealing with people who simply wish to “dip in and dip out” of advice from us from time to time, for example, checking a document before it is sent off. We are always pleased to advise even if on an ad hoc basis and welcome any enquiries, however small.

Settlement Agreements (formerly Compromise Agreements)

We are regularly instructed in relation to Settlement agreements and if you are an employee who is looking to sign a Settlement agreement then we can offer you the expert advice you need prior to signing such an agreement. The normal practice is for employers to pay a contribution towards legal costs and this means that in the majority of cases there is absolutely no cost to the employee in utilising our services.If you are an employer looking to utilise such an agreement we can take your detailed instructions and draft a Settlement Agreement on your behalf.